Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Episode 933: Almost Halfway Through My PWP...

Typically, I did end up writing a bit of a poem yesterday, despite saying I wasn't going to. Just one stanza though. Finished the rest today, and might be about to get started on the next one, assuming I can work out the angle that makes the character interesting. I kind of have an idea already, but I think I need to start writing before I figure out if it's going to be enough to carry the whole poem. Dan wrote an interesting piece about the current state of pop music, which you can find here. It kind of links to my pet theory that the steady homogenisation of pop in recent years is partially a consequence of the rise of 'super-producers' like RedOne. Slight irony with that example is that RedOne was actually co-producing on A*Teens tracks as far back as 2001, before he got two big breaks in 2007 (Kat DeLuna's debut, 9 Lives) and 2008 (Lady Gaga's debut, The Fame). Now he's everywhere, although I think his sound is less distinctive than autocannibalistic at this stage, like the songs just clone themselves. Doesn't mean they're less enjoyable, just that it's really hard to take them seriously once you realise the backing beats are essentially the same.

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