Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 935: So The New Lady Gaga Single Isn't That Great Either...

MOE's approved my MA course, so I just need to not screw up my grades this year. So far, that's going okay, assuming I haven't massively failed my Shakespeare creative project or something equally extraordinary. Left the house for only the second time in a week today, to get more food and snacks. Was really efficient about it too! Caught the 68 down to Iceland, then the X17 back up to Tesco, and then the 68 back home, all in under one hour. I also shaved. Aside from the fact that it would apparently take me forever to grow enough facial hair to do stubble fashionably (although I could manage permanent 5 o'clock shadow with the right equipment), I actually like being clean-shaven. Does it bother me that I basically never look like I'm in my mid-20s? Uh, not really. I'm sure it will start to rankle once I start working and the other teachers refuse to take me seriously, and it is sometimes annoying to be carded at the bar when I'm probably two years older than literally everyone else jostling to buy a drink. Apart from that though, I think it's great. You know what else is great? Having finished another PWP poem, even if I'm completely stuck for the next one now. What isn't great, is the new Lady Gaga single that's leaked. 'Judas' has a dancefloor-ready beat, thanks to RedOne's production, but that is pretty much the only thing about the song I like. Even the vocal riff recycles 'Bad Romance' way too obviously. Was this what I expected from a Lady Gaga single? Not really. It's like she's sunk to self-parody, whilst being completely straight-faced about it. Grating combination. I suppose we should be grateful it's a step from the overproduced mess that was 'Born This Way', but unless the rest of the album sounds fantastic, and I mean like how 'Bad Romance' was one of the most amazing songs of its year, I think her PR machine is going to have to do a lot of spinning in the near future to keep her remotely relevant.

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