Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode 944: Happy Easter!

Today's post is mostly just random stuff/links strung together with little pretence that they connect up in any especially coherent way. So can I just say I don't get how I haven't noticed Sky Ferreira's music before today, especially her single 'Obsession'? Love it. Also finally found a review of Lady Gaga's 'Judas' that echoed my problems with it, but a bit more snarkily. The last two paragraphs are hilarious. Staying on the topic of music, check out the amazing origami stop-motion music video done by Opaque Nature for their song 'Mixing The Colours'. It's a great song, and the video just makes it even better. Moving along, it turns out WordPress was probably lying to me about the limit of 100 scheduled posts, as I've scheduled up to 110 now, and if the system for detecting the number of scheduled posts was an automated one, it should have locked me out by now. So either the WordPress guy was lying to me and covering up for the fact that I was aggressively censored, or they've lifted the limit on my account because they've reviewed what I use it for (i.e. running a daily literary journal). So that brings me to this blog, which is the best Internet trainwreck I've seen in a while. That woman either has zero EQ or she's crazy.

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