Monday, April 18, 2011

Episode 938: Three Poems In One Day!

Today has been incredibly productive, even though I only woke up at around 11.30 am. Have already finished drafts of two new poems, and I'm definitely going to make it through this third one before going to bed, which just leaves six to go! Now even at one per day, I'll have more than a week to write my essay, which may be helpful, since I don't really have any idea of what to put in it yet. Also read the online magazine that I'm supposed to be reviewing, which took a lot less time than I expected, so now I feel like I should've read it earlier and written the review by now. I think this one's going to be slightly shorter than usual, so maybe say, around 500 words. I kind of like it, but I'm not quite sure if I can articulate why without sounding hollowly effusive, and I definitely want to avoid that. So despite doing all this work (I know it's really not a lot, so don't judge), I also found the time to watch the first episode of Game Of Thrones, a show that has a pretty cool opening title sequence, by the way. The show itself seems promising, should be interesting to see how the multiple storylines are built up. That's also happening on The Killing, although I'm starting to feel the pace is too slow on that show. Tom Cornford was raving about the Danish original last term, so I might check it out on iPlayer eventually.

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