Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Episode 946: DR@W Made Me £39.50 Richer Today!

So after a total of six e-mails back and forth, this submitter finally let me read her poems. These were sent along with a request that she be credited should they be accepted for publication, which immediately tipped me off that she'd never visited the journal's site before. Otherwise, she'd have realised that there are currently 200+ pieces of writing there that have been properly credited to their creators. I should have known better, since all her questions in her e-mails dealt with matters that could have been cleared up by paying attention to the submission guidelines, which I even gave her a link to in one of my replies. To top it all off, the poems weren't even any good! Now I feel like I've trampled on her soul by rejecting them. Already anticipating an aggrieved e-mail when I wake up in the morning, but at least I will totally enjoy laying into her with my reply, since her response is almost guaranteed to be so ridiculous that it'll be all I can do to dial down the sarcasm. Anyway, DR@W made me £39.50, which I believe may be the highest payout I've ever received from it. Not really a fair gauge, of course, since the payment this time was for a part of the experiment carried out last term as well. Still, it's nice to be paid for, you know, making decisions. The Economics Department is literally just handing the cash out. As for essay progress, still not nearly enough, but enough done that I could finish it by pulling an all-nighter tomorrow, which is something to be grateful for. Library trip was definitely worth it!

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