Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 942: Parlez-vous Le Français Des Affaires?

Managed to read both Kathy and Sophie Mac's PWPs, which I really enjoyed. Kind of made me feel like for all the reading I do, not a lot of it ends up filtering into my own writing, at least not thematically. I really like non-realist stuff, but I never end up writing it? Oh well. Sat in the garden and finished reading Elizabeth Jenning's Christianity And Poetry. Couple of quotes from there that are probably going to make it into my essay, though I'm not sure what the structure of that looks like yet. Definitely need to do some more reading if I want to have anything to say in the essay. Would have gone into the Library to browse through some books, but it's closed for Easter weekend, so I'm only going to be able to do that on Tuesday. Ideally, I'd like to get started on the essay before then. For a change, I already have the opening sentence! It's something I read in a newspaper a while ago about the centrality of the Bible to English literature. Have also begun revising my French, since I figure that if I start making attempts now, by a week before the paper I'll actually have done enough that I don't spend the whole week after my birthday freaking out that LL251 is going to pull my average down. That would be ironic, considering my Language Centre module is meant to be a lock for me and compensate for my other modules.

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