Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 936: So WordPress Wasn't Censoring Me After All...

Just to continue the Lady Gaga-bashing from yesterday, the album cover for Born This Way is awful. Crazy fans have suggested that like Judas, Lady Gaga is going to betray her fans by revealing the real cover in three days. At this point, I think we're way beyond performance art territory. Lady Gaga might actually, gasp, be buying into her own PR, thus making her certifiably insane. Listened to 'Judas' again, and my criticisms of it from yesterday still stand. Anyway, moving right along. Turns out WordPress wasn't trying to censor my literary journal last night, although their technical support team sure took its sweet time getting back to me, given that they suspended my posting privileges and told me to contact them ASAP. I think waiting more than 12 hours for a reply doesn't qualify as an ASAP reply on their part. So it seems that you're not allowed to schedule more than 100 posts in advance, although I think 100 posts over 100 days is quite a different thing from 100 posts in a day, if they somehow think I'm sort of spammer, and their system really should be designed to tell the difference. I suppose what's annoying is that there's no mention anywhere obvious that you can't exceed this limit! It's all settled now, so I'm just going to let the scheduled queue shrink a bit before getting on with things again. My own writing kind of hit a brick wall since yesterday, when I was trying to write this pair of poems about Jonathan and David. Gave up, deleted the drivel I'd got down on the page, and dashed off a poem called 'Jesse's Sons' in just over half an hour, thereby proving that jealousy is easier to write about than friendship. Now trying to make some headway with 'Job's Children', possibly even finish it. Can't believe it slipped my mind when I was looking for groups of siblings that Job had 20 children, 10 before and 10 after his trials.

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