Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Episode 947: PWP Done!

3884 words. It's finally finished! Wrote the last couple of pages while watching 90210, although since I was scrounging desperately for words by that point, I don't think my divided attention actually adversely affected the quality of the writing anyway. It's definitely too heavy on the quotes, but hey, it's not easy trying to pad an essay out when you want to avoid making it all about interpreting your own work for the marker, which is a bit of a pointless exercise. At least last year for EN238, each poem kind of had its own little story behind it that I could talk about. This time, it's literally just been a case of me wanting to write something that riffs off the Bible. Michael Hulse sent me an e-mail saying he liked the complete sequence, with the same qualification as last time that there's more exposition than he thinks is necessary. Personally, I think he's probably right, but I wouldn't know how to fix that, to be perfectly honest. Stripping it out would probably free the poems up to speculate even more wildly, but I don't know if I could write those poems. Still, whatever, it's finally done. Now to take a break over the long weekend, and then start worrying again about my EN236 portfolio (about 75% done, excluding the rewrites that will supply the missing 25%) and revision.

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