Monday, April 11, 2011

Episode 931: Body Clock Sorted?

Totally managed to fall asleep by 2 am, so I guess being out in the garden and the sun for a couple of hours yesterday did help to reset my body clock. Am totally watching too much 90210 at the moment though, for which I blame Annie. It's not quite as addictive as Gossip Girl, although since Season 1 was its worst, I guess if I stick it out it'll get better. I just don't like how the adults in the show have been steadily pruned over three seasons, to the point where there won't be any once the kids grow up and go to college next season. Gossip Girl dealt with that by pretty much not having the cast actually attend any lessons most of the time, it would seem. Then again, I suppose NYC does feel kind of more 'adult' than youth-obsessed LA? Anyway, I'm almost done with my next poem, which feels great. Literally have five lines to go! I should pick up the pace if I want to leave time to write my 4000-word accompanying essay. An opportunity's also come up to get involved with another reviewing gig, and I'm still deliberating over whether to commit. Goodness knows I don't actually need to be building up some list of writing credits for career purposes, heading into teaching and all, but I feel like I'm actually good at this whole reviewing thing. So it seems like a shame not to do as much with it as I can. Right?

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