Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 940: GE 2011 Is On My Birthday!

So I guess it had to happen. My spate of productivity has petered out on the day I wrote, you guessed it, a poem titled 'Peter'. I did spend some time going through everything I'd written from the beginning, agonising over which verbs to leave in the past tense and which to change to the historic present. Wikipedia: 'Literary critics and grammarians have said that the historical present has the effect of making past events more vivid.' Maybe that's why I find that the shift makes some of the poems sound less weighed down? I'm thinking I might aim to finish the final three by tomorrow, and then send the whole thing off to Michael Hulse for feedback. Anyway, I found out yesterday that Polling Day for Singapore GE 2011 is going to be on my birthday. Thank you, the powers that be, for making me shell out money to go to London on my birthday to vote. Urgh. At least I've got enough friends there, presumably all voting as well, so that it makes the trip worthwhile. Almost regret having registered to be an overseas voter now, especially since it isn't even clear if my GRC (the newly created Nee Soon GRC) is going to be contested by the WP. Part of me wants it to be a walkover (again!), so that I can save a few pounds for something I care more about. (Like how I didn't say I don't care about the election at all, just implied I cared less about it than other things?) Now that the NSP has unveiled a candidate who's 24 (see webpage here with a comments thread that makes me want to bang my head against a wall), I think someone should turn GE 2011 into a reality TV series. Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling can have a catfight, using Kate Spade bags. It'll be riveting television, I'm sure.

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