Friday, April 29, 2011

Episode 949: What Royal Wedding?

So as you may have gathered from the title, I don't really care about the royal wedding. It's not that I'm an anti-monarchist. I mean, it's not my king/queen, and you have to admit, it's a good tourist draw for people who are into that sort of thing. Instead of trying to watch the royal wedding online (although I hear Pippa Middleton was smoking hot), I was reading the April edition of New Linear Perspectives and reviewing it for Sabotage Reviews. It was decent, though it didn't really amaze me like some stuff I've reviewed in the past. Also got around to reading my first batch of fiction submissions for The Cadaverine. Exciting times! Now I'm about to log off and so some leisure reading. Read Stephen Brown's Future Me last night, a play about a lawyer who gets busted for paedophilia, and to quote the back cover, the play 'is a devastating study of unlawful desire. With unflinching honesty, it examines the destructive power of illicit deeds and the limits of forgiveness. For someone who has crossed the line, is there really any chance of a 'future me'? In light of what happened to an acquaintance late last year, it was an interesting play to read. Now the question is what do I read next? If only something like David Louis Edelman's MultiReal existed, yeah? That would be awesome.

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