Thursday, April 28, 2011

Episode 948: So, What Next?

Since we've got a one-day extension for our PWP submission and so I'm getting it bound on Tuesday instead, I popped in to see Michael Hulse during his office hour today. We talked a bit about my PWP and what's next for the poems, and Michael noted that perhaps the exposition in the poems wouldn't necessarily be an issue when sending them around, since the reading public's tastes actually can't be said to lean definitely in one direction or the other on this point. As evidence, he cited the reception of Ted Hughes's Tales From Ovid, which stays close to the original text, and where Hughes invents, the additions tend to be expository anyway. With the cuts in Arts Council funding though, now's a terrible time to be hawking poetry manuscripts to publishers. He did point out that one possible way to go is to try and get a manuscript accepted with a Singaporean publisher (choices I can think of literally take up the fingers of one hand), and then approach publishers here about putting the collection out as a co-publication. Not sure how the legal mechanics would work out, but I suppose it's the most plausible next course of action, if I wanted to do anything more with these poems. For today though, I think I'm just going to get fully caught up with 90210 (already read and scheduled all outstanding submissions for Eunoia Review), and maybe read something for fun.

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