Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 939: Sun, TV, Poems (In That Order)

Finished two poems today! So that's four to go. The turnaround for WarwickPrint is apparently only one hour, so I could theoretically finish my essay as late as Sunday, submit it for printing and binding, and collect it from the Bookshop sometime on Monday. Feel a lot more reassured now. The only way this could go horribly wrong is if Michael Hulse hates all the poems he hasn't seen before, which would mean I've completely misjudged my recent work vis-à-vis the clutch of poems I finished over Christmas and rewrote in the first few weeks of last term. I really hope not. Anyway, I might have squeezed in a third poem like I did yesterday, except I spent a couple of hours in the garden, basking in the sun again, and then I came in and watched a lot of TV, this being Tuesday. Amber Tamblyn's exit from House was surprisingly good, in a way that previous character exits haven't necessarily been on this show. It showed her character developing, and her exit was then an organic result of that. Thumbs up! Gossip Girl is also finally back, with its typically nonsensical plot developments. I have a theory that Charlie, the new character on the show who looks a little like Blair's features crossed with Serena's blondness, is to allow Dan to have the best of both worlds, since the writers apparently decided they don't want to go forward with Dair (yet).

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