Saturday, March 07, 2009

Episode 166: New Music

Woke up at 1 pm, and since then, have spent most of the day watching television on my laptop. The fourth episode of Dollhouse was a bit of a disappointment, as it felt like filler, and it's far too early in the show's season for an episode like that. I'm glad Gossip Girl is finally returning to finish the rest of its second season and that it's been renewed by The CW for a third! Natalie's managed to send me the two seasons of Carnivàle, so I might finish those over Easter break. Have been watching a lot of Charmed recently too, and although I still like it, I can't understand why my sisters and I were so keen on the show when it was still airing. Our parents wouldn't let us watch it, of course, because of its content. So I've basically spent all day in my room, except for a couple of hours when I went to the Library to get another couple of books, and then doubled back to Humanities to attend Vanessa's farewell party. Heard a song while I was there, 'Deep' by Binocular. It was quirkily good, so I've gone and searched for the album. Somehow, after finding it, I detoured into looking for albums by Blake, David Garrett, Teatro and Will Martin, none of whom sound anything like Binocular. Now it's approximately three hours after I first started typing out this post, and I really should be sleeping...

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