Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Episode 183: I Need The Pressure Of A Deadline

The title says it all. It was so cold in the afternoon, I ended up crawling back into bed with Women Editing Modernism, and then I fell asleep before I got to the end of the first chapter. Not because it was boring, but with the actual deadline for this still a month away, it was very hard to be self-motivated about reading. I swear that I produce my best work these days under the pressure of a ticking clock, and while I could get away with it previously, there are too many things due within days of each other for me to try this. Technically, only the portfolio for Peter Blegvad and the essay for Michael Hulse are due after this break on Monday. The essay for Sarah Poynting and the portfolio for Mary Sage are due later the same week, on Friday. The essay for Adam is for the following Monday, while the essay for Jim is a distant thing, as well as the final essay and portfolio for EN124. Add miscellaneous short French essays, and that's all the work I've got to cover. Oh, and actually study for the EN121 examination at some point. Sigh. This would be less taxing if I had mastered the art of doing a little work each day, instead of a sleepless night every so often.

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