Friday, March 20, 2009

Episode 179: Harry Dresden Is Ridiculously Cool

My feet are still aching from all the walking I've been doing over the past couple of days. Hence I've been in my room all day, except for the occasional trip to the kitchen and the laundrette. I've washed and dried my G-Star RAW stuff, so they've shrunk a little and fit just right now. My summer wardrobe is looking sharp indeed. Am watching my last episode of Doctor Who for the day. A self-imposed limit, as I want to finish reading Small Favor before getting started on The Reality Street Book Of Sonnets, which I'm meant to be reviewing for The Warwick Review. Have decided to start working on that despite it being the least urgent piece of work I've got, simply because I want to get cracking on something small first. If anything, the sense of achievement from finishing my short review should be enough to spur me on to finish another essay by the end of next week. For now though, Harry Dresden and his motley crew will be keeping me company tonight. I swear the series is practically tailor-made for television adaptation and that the people at the Sci Fi Channel were idiots for not continuing beyond one season. Paul Blackthorne looks a bit older than I'd imagined Harry to be, but he still made a fantastic Harry. Oh well...

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