Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episode 177: Feasting

Went down this morning to put a hold on our house. Hopefully, everything else on that front continues to go smoothly. Went to Topman to exchange one of my rings, and then we all headed to McDonald's for food. At least that was the original plan. Instead, we got sidetracked and ended up at KFC across the road! I've missed KFC, although here they only do the original version, not crispy, which is what I really love. Got back to Cannon Park just after Dan Leong and his friend arrived. My Amazon purchases did reach him in time after all, which made me very, very happy. Time to settle down with another instalment of The Dresden Files tomorrow! Slightly annoyed that Roc has decided to publish the paperback edition in a different size though, even if it probably means that Jim Butcher is officially one of their more important authors. Chernise and I brought them to Kenilworth, where we did the obligatory visit to Time For Tea. Wandered around for a bit after that, as it was a really nice day, sun shining down and all. We even did a stroll around and inside Kenilworth Castle, although my handphone died about halfway through and so I only have limited pictures. I expect it's going to look really picturesque once the restoration work is complete. Not that it isn't stunning already, of course. I guess castles are pretty cool after all...

We got back to campus in time to catch the screening of Revolutionary Road at the Arts Centre, which was really good. I think Kate Winslet was great, although I'm a little less certain about Leonardo DiCaprio's performance. As a whole though, I thought it was a very convincing portrayal of the cracks that lie beneath suburban bliss and that threaten to undo us. Certainly some ideas to think about in relation to the creative writing I have to do over Easter break. At some points, I found myself thinking that if only I could write some dialogue like that for Peter Blegvad's unit, I would probably get a First. We went over to Tesco afterwards to shop for our late dinner. I bought lots of fruits for myself, which I'm going to savour over the next week or so. Making dinner actually took longer than we realised, so it was pretty late by the time we actually sat down for a sumptuous dinner. I helped to put together the salad and mash the potatoes. Haha! It's quite sad that the only times I eat well are when other people have me over for a meal. I guess I should stick to my plan for summer vacation?

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