Thursday, March 19, 2009

Episode 178: NatWest, You Suck!

The day started so well, with a lovely breakfast at Chernise's place and a walk around the lake behind Rootes after that. Then I borrowed Keegan's university card, so I have all the books that I need for my essays, at least for now. Haven't got anything for the WSC module yet! My good mood was ruined by NatWest though. I am still futilely trying to understand why my total and available balances don't match up. I've tried to get them to clear it up twice already, but both times, I've received explanations that make sense superficially, but once I look at my transaction history again, they don't hold water anymore. I suspect that I've just used my debit card for something, forgotten about it, and the transaction's just taking a really long time to get through the system. I'm annoyed though! My G-Star RAW stuff has arrived, as well as the last book I need to complete my The History Of Middle-earth series. Have yet to start reading Small Favor, but I will do that once I've caught up with the latest episode of Gossip Girl. I am going to try and have a productive Thursday evening/night for once though, since I won't be hitting Varsity. Perhaps I'll get started on the stuff I need to do for The Warwick Review. Sounds like a plan?

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Dan said...

It does indeed sound like a plan. I'm currently working on the Warwick Review essay - close to finishing it - and the portfolio, which is simply annoying piecework. I haven't even begun the Med-Ren or Modes essays, simply because I haven't the stomach for them. Gah.