Thursday, March 12, 2009

Episode 171: What Shall We Do With A Drunken Student?

The lecture on Freud this morning kind of flew over my head. I'm sure it would have been great on paper, but listening to it and trying to make notes was a bit hard. Oh well. Jim had chocolate biscuits during his seminar! Yummy. I did a spot of revision for French before I went to sleep last night, as I had to spend the free hour between the seminar and my French test sorting out the cash refund for the Paris trip. It's the third time the paperwork's had to be done, so this time, Phill and I went about the SU to get it done in person. So I've finally got my £10 back! The test itself went well, I think. It's really a lot easier here than it was in Singapore, e.g. for the listening comprehension section, we can replay the audio track as many times as we like within a certain time limit. Did I mention we can use a dictionary too? Now I just need to get through the oral presentation next term, and the final examination will be a snap. This is me, pretty much making up my mind to do LL209 French 5 next year as one of my option modules.

Got back to my room at about 4.30 pm, but I had to leave pretty soon after to get to Keegan's surprise birthday party. Shen Ting's planning skills are a bit wanting, I'm afraid. Like, no cutlery? Haha! Peng Kun's tiramisu was lovely though, if somewhat drowned by cocoa powder that got on my clothes. Left with Samantha, and because we bumped into Vanessa walking outside Social Studies, we ended up back in Samantha's room, just chatting to while away the time until Claire Lim's games night for charity started. Wound up playing two games of The Big Taboo, which is kind of fun compared to regular Taboo, I must admit. Not the kind of thing that I could get addicted to though. Bought some of the food since it was all for charity anyway, and I wanted to clog up my veins with some fried batter. Told Sophie to give me a text when she was headed to Varsity, and she actually came all the way to the Library to find me. Bless! Didn't quite work out though, since she was at the gantries on the first floor and I was coming out from Lib 2 on the ground floor. Talk about crossed wires!

Anyway, tonight was the last Varsity gathering for the next five weeks and we had a good-sized bunch, a mix of regulars and newcomers to the group. (Eugene, you really should have been here this week instead!) It wasn't all that cold, compared to the past couple of nights, but somehow I found myself getting colder as the hours wore on. So much for drinking to stay warm, huh? I think everyone had a fun night, all things considered, although there was a point when a couple of girls sitting on the other side of the window were coming on by turns to me, Dan and Matt, which was kind of funny and creepy at the same time. I mean, they were basically blowing kisses and signing hearts at us, and they were really into Dan, which weirded him out, I think. Can't blame them though, since Dan is well fit. All in all though, still a fitting way to send out the term! Nothing like a good bet to spice things up for a change, yeah? Missing all of you for the next couple of weeks and hoping everyone doesn't get too drunk while you're on vacation...

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