Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 182: I Should Be Reading/Writing (But I'm Not)

I'm watching a Doctor Who special before getting down to work for tonight. It's mostly going to be reading for the essay I've got to do for The Warwick Review. I'm not quite certain what I'm going to be writing about yet, but it'll be something to do with the relation between women editors of literary magazines and modernism, as I managed to find a copy of Jayne Marek's Women Editing Modernism in the Library. Will need to read good-sized chunks of that before I can start writing anything, but I am fairly certain this will be the piece of work I'm going to finish off by the end of this week. Ideally, of course, I would like to at least get started on the EN122 essay before leaving for New Word Alive, perhaps even finish it? It all depends on how disciplined I am, which for the past week, has been practically not at all. Although I did manage to finish the review this morning at 2 am, and was quite pleased with myself for that! Randomly, in the middle of the afternoon, I tidied up my table a little, which escalated into a complete reorganisation of my drawers and tabletop. I messed up the latter a bit to begin with, so that I could do a before and after snapshot for my CM1 portfolio. Goodness. It's really Project Work all over again, this wholesale pretence. Still, I am very pleased with how neat my table looks, for now anyway.

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