Saturday, March 14, 2009

Episode 173: Students And The City

Was in Birmingham today with Bella, Chloe, Keegan and Samantha, where I resisted the temptation to buy a sexy leather jacket from Zara. It was pretty expensive, and I figured that I could find stuff like that from Zara if I ever went to Spain for a holiday, where it would logically be cheaper. The jacket was really nice though! I can't help but feel a bit sorry that I haven't bought it. Maybe I'll try looking for similar stuff online, since now I know what my size is for jackets. Or I'll look for something when I'm in Coventry or Leamington Spa, hunting for a backpack to carry my stuff for the Wales trip. We tried to give Keegan a makeover when we were in French Connection at the Bullring, and that worked out quite well, even if he didn't end up buying anything. What a difference some decent clothes can make! I didn't add to my wardrobe, which is just as well, since I've already spent so much on new jeans and trousers, and I don't need new tops at all. Still keep thinking about the leather jacket though. Sigh. I'm wondering if I should ask around to check if anyone wants to go to Birmingham in the next couple of days, and if the jacket's still there (there was only one size M left on the rack), it's meant to be. Haha! I did buy Cast Of Shadows by Kevin Guilfoile, which I think I've seen in Kinokuniya before but never made up my mind to buy. I only got it because it was going at a reduced price in Waterstone's that was even lower than what Amazon UK would have offered. Also bought a lot of gobstoppers from the basement of Selfridges, and a huge box of jelly beans in 50 flavours, which I'm going to save for until I get back to Singapore. So, anyone up for a trip to Birmingham?

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