Friday, March 13, 2009

Episode 172: Et Les Vacances Commencent...

I had my last chicken caesar salad for lunch today at the Kami Lounge, which is closing down from tomorrow. I'm going to miss that place! Not as much as Lucy though, that I'm sure of. Spent a couple of hours, finishing up the book of Paul Celan's poetry that I've been putting off for so long. I really enjoyed it, in case anyone's wondering. There's something very clearly broken about the language, and it comes across in all the poems, not just 'Todesfuge' ('Death Fugue'). Had to return the book because I needed to collect one of my books that was on hold, but I will definitely be borrowing that volume of poetry again. It's encountering poets like Celan and Rilke that makes me feel like I should learn German, to be able to appreciate the poetry in its original language. Now I've just finished watching the latest episode of Skins, and I think the current series is finally starting to live up to its predecessors. The four-way relationship mess between Cook, Effy, Freddie and Katie is a bit tiresome, so I'm glad that's actually going to be worked out by the end of this series. Have been giving some thought to academic stuff in regard to next year, and I think I might take up an Open Studies Certificate, specifically, studying another language at the Language Centre. At the moment, I'm thinking of Arabic.

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