Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Episode 170: The Last Of England

I just got back from the Alternative Film Society's screening of The Last Of England, which was really intense. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, to be perfectly honest. Was having a few drinks before that with some of my coursemates, as good a way to while away the afternoon as any, you might say. It's good fun though, trading stories and gossip over alcohol. It's the last week of term, and hardly anyone's in the mood for actual work anyway. If we keep this up all the way through vacation, we'll pay when Summer Term begins. I definitely need to get my act together, so I'm treating this last few days of Spring Term as my last bout of madness before I get down to some heavy academic work, which will be very possible given that the usual friends won't be around to distract me, e.g. Thursday nights will actually be used for something other than drinking. Haha! We also went to see Maureen Freely today to get our fiction portfolios back. I'm okay with my mark, although I honestly expected it to be a bit better. I can't really complain about what I got though, so it's just my nature to be dissatisfied. The day began well enough, for I won the poetry slam during our seminar. I am aware that this turn of events had more to do with the order in which I chose to read out my poems than their being actually better than everyone else's. I honestly felt some of the stuff read out today was way better, like Annabella's.

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