Monday, March 09, 2009

Episode 168: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I got an e-mail from YOOX informing me of an additional 15% discount on menswear, so I hopped over to the site to check it out. My bill at the moment stands at £282, which I don't mind paying, but I want to let my parents know first, as even though it's my money I'm spending, I want to get their open (dis)approval first anyway. I have until Wednesday to decide if I'm getting the stuff or not. I will almost certainly get at least one or two pairs because those are really a steal, but if I'm going to start buying G-Star RAW, I might as well get a good start with five pairs. Lest you think all I've done is contemplate online shopping, let me say something about this morning's visit to WarwickPrint. We got to see how The Warwick Review is printed, step-by-step. It's really quite interesting, especially lithographic printing, the skill and technique required to get things right. Kind of makes you sorry that the digital age is slowly killing off so many trades. I'd never really thought about the amount of work that goes into getting something like a book or literary magazine from idea to page. Doesn't mean that I think the cost of books these days is justified though, since the industry is becoming so profit-driven, it's frankly very distressing/disturbing!

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