Thursday, March 26, 2009

Episode 185: There And Back Again

Am zooming along highways in the dark, listening to Chris Tomlin and rediscovering why he's my favourite Christian artiste. Good times. A lot of his appeal, I suspect, has to do with Ed Cash's production, which creates a very unified sound across his three most recent studio albums, effectively creating a musical triptych that is tailored for Christian radio success. Not criticising the music though, just pointing out there's a very good reason why it's so popular. Anyway, was in London with a couple of the other creative writers at the Poetry Cafe. We didn't actually write anything, right until just before we were going to leave, and then we did that exercise where you count backwards from 100 and just write whatever comes to mind. I might actually be able to edit bits of what I came up with into something for the final 4000-word portfolio. Or it could just end up as one of those fragments I publish on my other blog and then leave to gather dust. We wandered over to the Tate Modern after that. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's TH.2058, currently on exhibit in the Turbine Hall, was interesting, and at least made more sense than most modern art that I've seen. You could actually become part of the artwork, as David pointed out that the flyer shows people walking around the exhibit, as well as lying on the bunk beds and reading the books. We should totally have done that, I think. We ended the day at The Hole In The Wall in Waterloo, with trains rumbling over the ceiling. Like I was telling Jemma on Facebook, the next time we're in London, we should totally follow Nick's original suggestion of getting on the Tube and getting off at a random station! Could prove to be pretty interesting...

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