Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Episode 184: Playwright Blues

Progress on the work front has been slow, although it is still pretty early in the night, and I may get my writing act together yet. Have been surfing around looking for new music, but so far, only Frankmusik sounds interesting. The charity single from The Saturdays is pretty nice though, especially The Wideboys' remix. I'm suddenly very sleepy, which may or may not be a consequence of squinting at my laptop with my glasses off. My attention span is completely shot to hell, so I'm hoping that hopping down to London tomorrow to be around fellow creative writers will help to jumpstart my mental processes again. I really, really want to start on the radio play tonight, otherwise I know I'll just put it off until I get back from Wales, which is not ideal at all! I have a few basic ideas in my head at the moment, including a killer ending for the first scene, but I'm sort of hung up about getting the opening right, and I can't decide on an opening. Argh. I hate this part, the whole trying to get stuff right from the beginning. The problem is that I can't abide the concept of drafting, at least not in any substantial form. It's stupid, and I should really reconcile myself to the idea, but the fact is that most of my writing is done in fits and bursts without much editing, so whatever's in my head just gets batted around until it feels right, and then it gets typed out and pretty much stays that way. It explains why I require a long time to get started on any written work, but once I'm on a roll, it usually doesn't take too long for the final product to emerge. I need someone to lock me up in a room with no Internet connection, just pen and paper. Drastic measures may be called for after I get back from Wales. Any volunteers to lock me up and throw away the key? Metaphorically or literally as you please...

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