Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Episode 176: Money Woes

I suspect I might have incurred an overdraft fee by accident. Either that or there's some mysterious payment that has yet to be deducted from my account. Will have to clarify it at the bank sometime tomorrow between settling housing in Coventry and meeting Dan Leong back at Cannon Park. I have done some calculations, and I figure I probably have just enough money to see me through the next 15 weeks until I fly back to Singapore. I freely admit I got a bit carried away the past couple of days with the whole spending thing. Oh well. As my current Facebook status says, I'm going to look great while living on a shoestring budget. From now until Summer Term begins, no more frivolous expenses like junk food I shouldn't be eating, books I won't be reading in the immediate future and clothes I won't be needing any time soon. Kind of doesn't apply to Threadless tees though, I guess, since I'm using my credit card to buy those and paying back my dad out of my POSB account. Went back to Birmingham today with Bella and Sarah, where I bought a Ted Baker vest, which has a green inner lining that I think looks pretty cool, but which people like Eugene will probably consider a sartorial travesty. I didn't find the Zara leather jacket, which is just as well in hindsight, since I'm skating dangerously close to busting my budget. Seriously, no more unnecessary expenditure. Whoever reads this, please remind me about this constantly, in person and/or on Facebook. Thanks!

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