Sunday, March 08, 2009

Episode 167: I Got My Groceries At Last!

Title is self-explanatory. Anyway, I am so not cut out for communal living. At least not as it is practised in my hall. I went to the kitchen today to make lunch, to discover both my dishwashing liquid and sponge have been appropriated. I took the sponge back to my room and wrote the dishwashing liquid off as my gesture towards making the world a better place by sharing and caring. Yeah right. I'm annoyed. So to console myself, I've spent the day since coming back from church watching episodes of Charmed and Demons. Was on Skype for a bit with my family, which is pretty fun in its own way. I should probably be reading something, but I'm feeling lazy this weekend, so no reading. At least not for my essays. I might read that collection of Paul Celan's that's been lying on my table for ages. The ridiculous thing is that there probably isn't a lot of text per se to get through, but I always have this sense of inadequacy when I read anything, as if I'm somehow not doing the writing justice with my reading. I wouldn't say it's paralysing, just sort of a very convenient psychological barrier to aid procrastination! Just one more night of slacking, and I'll be really assiduous on Monday. I promise!

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