Sunday, May 03, 2009

Episode 223: More Poems?

Came back from lunch at Varsity with church people, and have been working on my portfolio since. Incidentally, it was a really bad idea to leave my room without a jacket today, despite it being a very sunny morning. I was freezing the whole time that we were sitting outside at Varsity! Anyway, by working, I really mean scavenging from things that have already been written rather than producing anything new, which is a state of affairs that I'm not happy about, but time is of the essence and I'm starting to get antsy. Have managed to bump the word count for my portfolio up to around 2200, although I would like to take it even higher by producing some new poems over the next couple of days. Thanks Alex, Dan and Shirley for the feedback! Right now, I'm aiming to finish a series of haiku based on a nursery rhyme, as well as a long poem about four islands (Singapore, Pedra Branca, Christmas Island and Great Britain). Am tempted to get a bit dark and write stuff about Countess Báthory Erzsébet or Armin Meiwes, but maybe that's veering too far from the overall tone of the other poems in my portfolio so far. Perhaps just the two poems that I have in mind now, and then fiction to bring the word count up to the required 4000. Then I'll need ideas for fiction. Only have one at the moment, which is about the locksmith. Sigh...

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