Saturday, May 16, 2009

Episode 236: Plunging Into Revision

Have decided that it's a bit pointless to just (re-)read the texts, so I'm going with SparkNotes and Luminarium to help me get up to speed, and I'll read the actual texts again if I have time after that. Am banking on Thomas Wyatt, William Shakespeare and John Donne for the essay, especially the first, but Sir Gawain And The Green Knight is still definitely on the cards at this point, especially because it's so richly patterned. Have gone through my seminar notes, and am now moving on to my lecture notes. After that, it's SparkNotes, then Luminarium. With slightly over a week to go, I think there's still a chance to scrape something more than a pass for this module, so I'm trying to make an effort. Spent a bit of time catching the season finale of Ghost Whisperer, which was a good way to end, I think. Raised enough disturbing questions for a new season to answer, but still ending on a hopeful note. Did a bit of online shopping early in the morning because I couldn't fall asleep last night. I managed to find the Voyager edition of William Gibson's Count Zero! At least according to the product description and ISBN that's what I've bought. Once it arrives, I'll set about ordering the rest of Gibson's books from Amazon UK. Also bought David Morley's poetry collections from Carcanet. Then in the afternoon, I dispatched some stuff from Amazon to Derrick for him to bring back to Singapore for me. Here's to books and reading!

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