Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 238: Staying In My Room Tonight

Woke up really early to head down to The Sovereign with Elizabeth, John and Jonny to pray for Canley. Early start hasn't translated into consequent productivity so far, although I have finished going through my lecture notes, and will move on to SparkNotes after dinner and an episode of Charmed. Am slightly annoyed now because I seem to have been charged twice for an online purchase. Have e-mailed the third-party company handling the fund transfer for clarification, and will call the bank tomorrow morning as well. Have been reading Jim Butcher's Turn Coat in between spells of revision, and I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out! It's due April 2010. Had meant to head to the Library after my afternoon meeting, where I got back my essay from Michael Hulse with a nice mark, but I decided against it in the end, although I would probably have been able to find company there. Came back instead, and went shopping online, hence the fiasco about double charges. Was only going to the Library because I was planning on showing up at the Ugly Cousins Club, and possibly Hot Chocolate after that. Am feeling a bit stressed though, and have realised that going for Rob's ice-skating thing tomorrow means I won't get any work done all Tuesday. So apologies to Jack and John respectively!

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John said...

apology accepted, God covered for you ;) xx