Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Episode 240: SparkNotes

Have picked out the poems that I'm going to submit for the Golden Point Award. Not so sure that they're brilliant, but I'm willing to bet they'll still be better than the average entry. That and I wasn't completely bowled over by some of the previous winners in the poetry category, so I'm wondering how high is the standard in the first place. Ah well. Will just submit and hope for the best. Even second runner-up would net me a tidy sum of money. I would devote more time and effort to this if I didn't have an examination in less than a week that I am horrifically unprepared for. Will attempt to finish going through SparkNotes tonight, and then GradeSaver tomorrow. I know this isn't how you're supposed to study 'important literary works', but at this point, I'm willing to go with anything that helps me to pass. May have to completely abandon revision for Book II of The Faerie Queene, if only because I am actually more familiar with Book I and the whole religious angle of it actually plays to my strengths in comprehension. I'm aiming for a 2:1 in EN121, and 2:1 or First in everything else. Would really like to know if my essay on Carter and Freud was as bad as I think it was, although thanks to my essay on 'Howl', it would take a shockingly bad mark to pull me below a 2:1 for EN122. Ditto for EN124. As for EN123, however bad my essay on Heart Of Darkness was, everything can still be salvaged by a solid performance for the examination. Three weeks till freedom and fun things like learning Spanish and reading John Ashbery...

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