Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Episode 226: Elections!

Just got back from the Singapore Society elections. It was seriously stuffy in there towards the end! Congratulations to everyone on the new executive committee! Am now starting to reply to the birthday wishes that are trickling in on Facebook, when what I really should be doing is figuring out the introduction to my essay. Did get a bit of reading done in the Library in the afternoon, after I went to have a haircut, but it hasn't been enough. I vaguely remember that there was a good introduction sentence somewhere, but now I've got to go hunt for it again tomorrow, between EN123 and LL208. I'm sort of taking the line that Heart Of Darkness is one of those texts that just lends itself to a multiplicity of interpretations, but that they can still be related back to each other. Am thinking of discussing imperialism and gender, since that's the parts I've read so far which make sense to me immediately. In any case, it's just 2000 words, so no point spreading myself too thin and trying to cover every possible interpretation of the text. Thanks Marc for a long-overdue dinner! I promise to return the favour after summer. Haha...

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