Thursday, May 07, 2009

Episode 227: Feeling 22, Acting 17

The title is kind of true, I guess. I generally don't act my age, although that presupposes that there is a proper way to act when you're 22. Ah, whatever. So today, it was my turn for a birthday 'surprise'. Not bad, the Singaporeans actually managed to find me outside the Language Centre. Chernise made a delicious cake, which was definitely on par with stuff you can get at the bakery! Anyway, am a little annoyed with myself for some of the mistakes I made in the rédactions that I got back because one of them, erroneously substituting 'concernant' for 'en ce qui concerne' is so obviously a case of transliterating English into French. Sigh. Must be more careful, and possibly write French rédactions in future under less pressured conditions. I'm thinking that over summer, I should put in place some sort of system, whereby I go through one language each day of the week. I don't actually have enough to fill up all seven. At least I don't think so. English, Mandarin, French, Cantonese, Spanish, Latin, Quenya, Italian. Hey, I guess I do. Not sure what English is doing there, although I suppose I could spend that day devoting myself to reading and writing exclusively. More (good) poems, yes? Also received my attachment posting, and it's to North View Secondary School, right beside my home. Very convenient, although it's a bit weird to know that the students I meet could potentially be my neighbours. Good for bonding on some level, but also a bit too much blurring of the professional-personal life divide. It would be quite funny if after the attachment, I ended up hanging out with the students at, I don't know, Northpoint or something. Haha!

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Anonymous said...

havent been seeing you online, hope you've been studying! :)