Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 241: Revision Plans?

I did manage to finish going through SparkNotes, and have now moved on to GradeSaver. To reward myself, I bought a novel by Paul Coelho, Brida, as well as Gordon Dahlquist's two novels, The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters and The Dark Volume. Would have rewarded myself further by buying this pale blue shirt from Ted Baker that would have looked perfect on me, but Shirley talked me out of it. Randomly, have decided that what my wardrobe needs is a pale blue tie, like paler than the sky. That shade of blue has a certain je ne sais quoi. Have also decided that for the essay question, I will prepare Wyatt and Shakespeare, with a cursory glance at Sir Gawain And The Green Knight in case I somehow cannot answer questions on either of the former two poets, in which case I'm screwed anyway, so how bad can I do by writing about the Gawain-poet? Have also decided that it probably makes sense to not revise stuff I have no intention of actually touching in the examination, e.g. Book II of The Faerie Queene, or John Donne's poetry. What I can't make up my mind about is whether to do revision for Renaissance poetry in general, since there's supposed to be a question on lyric poetry and sonnets in the paper. Time enough to worry about that over the weekend, I guess? Now it's time to head out to Varsity to reward myself for the slight progress that I've made today. Haha...

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