Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode 233: The Age Of Stupid

Just came back from seeing The Age Of Stupid at the Arts Centre. Wasn't going to go because Sophie couldn't come, but Laura said she would, so instead of writing out stuff for my French oral, I went to see the film. Really glad I did though! Five interleaved narratives, with a framing narrator from the year 2055. This is definitely a film targeted at our generation, so I found it really odd that during the Q&A session, one woman complained that she worked in sustainability education and couldn't see how the film would be useful to her at all. Then again, she admitted that films do nothing for her personally, so I really don't think hers was a very fair opinion. Anyway, it's on at the Arts Centre tomorrow evening, and it's going to be screened a couple more times in July, so everyone should watch it. There's less scaremongering than you would expect from a documentary about climate issues, although it does inspire a healthy amount of guilt. Unless you're completely blind to your own behaviour as a consumer, in which case, good luck to you! Am now going off to work on my French oral for tomorrow. Then possibly, some revision for EN121, which I should have started on earlier, but now looks like it'll have to wait till tomorrow afternoon. Or possibly Friday, depending on how chipper I feel after the oral. Haha...

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