Sunday, May 17, 2009

Episode 237: Prayer At The Sovereign

Headed to The Sovereign with the other students after service for lunch, and discovered the joys of roast gammon. I've also randomly decided to start collecting VK bottles, after realising that the more common flavours that they have at Varsity actually match up quite nicely with the colours of the Planeteers' rings. (Yeah, I totally spend my time connecting useless bits of information like that in my head.) I am well aware that there are more than five flavours of VK, although some of the more 'exotic' ones have never passed before my eyes. Anyway, Jonny somehow ended up being asked to lead the worship to kick off the 24/7 week of prayer in the function room at the pub, so a bunch of us went back to Elizabeth's room to plan. Went quite well, all things considered, although Jonny's sneezing in the middle of worship was just hilarious. We're going to join the people praying again tomorrow morning, and hopefully, it'll also mark the start of a really productive day for me. Didn't get anything done today beyond a few pages of Amanda Hopkins's lecture transcript on fabliaux in The Canterbury Tales. Must finish reviewing lecture notes before The Warwick Review meeting at 3 pm! Library, anyone?

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