Monday, May 11, 2009

Episode 231: Super Monday Bar Crawl!

So I got back to my room just past midnight and thought taking a three-hour nap would help me survive a marathon essay-writing session. Well, turns out that it made more sense to reset the alarm half an hour later each time it rang, so I only actually got up some time after 5.30 am. Desperately tried to finish my work, but didn't quite manage to clear everything. The essay for EN124 was harder to finish than I'd expected, partly because it was such a weird kind of essay to write. As one of my coursemates put it, it seems like a rather roundabout, 4000-word way of asking for feedback on the course. I am quite pleased with my extended metaphor though! So I wound up submitting the EN123 essay late, by which I mean I posted it through after the office had closed for the day, three hours after it was due. Actually spent the two hours before our last lecture of this term finishing it. Don't think it's any good, but by that point, I couldn't have cared less even if I'd tried. Now that all my assessed work is out of the way, I can concentrate on not failing EN121! Two weeks, God only knows how many words to read. Fun times ahead...

So this being the infamous Super Monday and all, us creative writers went on a bar crawl in Leamington. As usual though, I wasn't exactly drunk. Slightly tipsy is about right, I should think. I was quite possibly in worse shape that time at Café del Mar back home. On a side note, I think the practice of carding people in the UK is so silly, not to mention inconsistent. The bartender at The Benjamin Satchwell refused to serve me because she wouldn't accept my ISIC, even though her colleague had just done so barely five minutes earlier. Overall though, the whole night was good fun, although I think the two pints of Blue Lagoon I had at Kelsey's at the end of the night came this close to making me sick. Ending off the night with chicken and wedges from Vialli's helped though. Savoury stuff always does it for me after imbibing large amounts of alcohol! I still remember how a couple of weeks ago, I came home from Varsity and proceeded to microwaves sausages and mash, just because I needed something salty. Anyway, we should totally carry out our plan of making nights like this a regular thing. That'd be quite cool, I think.

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