Friday, May 08, 2009

Episode 228: One Year Older, One Year Lazier

Full disclosure is always a bad idea if you don't look like you belong on a runway. Enough said. Anyway, last night was rather entertaining, if you ask me. A whole table of people singing a birthday song I am incapable of working on any sort of regular basis. It always has to be some sort of frantic rush with me. The price, of course, is the quality of work, though not always. The most recent EN121 essay was an unfortunate casualty, I'm afraid. A 2:2, which shows how erratic performance in the module is. To be fair, I do like the Renaissance poetry, just not The Faerie Queene. Long poems like that and Sir Gawain And The Green Knight are such a pain to read! Will have to though, within the next two weeks, since I'm actually better at writing commentaries on specific passages and poems than writing topical essays. Am thinking I should be able to scrape a low 2:1 for this module, which will hopefully be offset by a good showing in my other modules. Am now having doubts about that Freud/Carter essay for EN122, which has resulted in a redoubled desire to nail the Heart Of Darkness one for EN123. Am somewhat paralysed by self-doubt on one hand and perfectionism on the other. At least my EN124 portfolio is totally out of the way now. Okay, shall go off and try to rephrase my introduction to the essay, the outline for which came to me after I got back from Varsity last night. The outline still makes sense in the clear light of day, except now I actually have to word the introduction so that the idea behind the whole essay is clear, since apparently I don't have enough original thoughts of my own, according to Sarah Poynting. She's probably right about that, since I was basically desperate to finish that essay, quality of work be damned. There is still time to make this one good though, so I will try to do so.

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