Friday, May 22, 2009

Episode 242: Something Ugly Your Way Comes

It's just past 3 am and I'm settling down to read a bit of The Dark Volume. It means I'm going to wake up ridiculously late and ruin any morning revision plans, but I'm still a bit too awake to sleep. So tonight, the Ugly Cousins Club descended on Coventry to do a poetry slam. We had some readings at the Tin Angel first, where I read out two poems from my competition entry. A few people said nice things to me about them later, so that was good. Who knows? I might actually win something come October. Then we trekked down the streets of Coventry to the Nursery Tavern's back room to have the slam proper, which is also where I discovered that if I ever need to play drinking games, I should do so with Malibu & Coke, simply because I find it immensely moreish. Slams were good, abundance of cigarette smoke less so. The irony of being surrounded by 'No Smoking' signs could hardly have escaped anyone observant enough. We wound up in Ellie's house way past midnight, just standing around and talking, when we should have been trying to get a taxi back. Anyway, props to Nick Chen for winning the slam and Ellie for sending a bunch of us back to campus!

It was also Samantha's birthday today! Sorry again that I couldn't be at the barbecue. Keegan texted to say it was starting late and that I shouldn't turn up. We did have a surprise picnic for her in the afternoon, although partly because of Keegan, what was supposed to have been a picnic in Leamington turned into a Coventry excursion. It is a bit indefensible to make everyone wait for nearly an hour. The reason why there are so few punctual people is because they've all given up hope and decided to join the ranks of the tardy. That's what I think anyway. Well, at least I've signed the new housing contract now and can spend next Thursday afternoon, well, not doing anything. Jerrick's quiche was lovely and Peng Kun's chicken was deliciously bad for my waistline. (If you're reading this, Keegan, never mind about the £4.60 that you owe me. We didn't consume that much of the crisps and Coke anyway.) In summary, it was a Friday where I got hardly any revision done, but it was fun nonetheless! Will pay for it dearly over the weekend, of course. Just three more days to go...

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