Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Episode 232: Revision. Tomorrow!

Latest episode of Gossip Girl was very disappointing. It was trying too hard to be the backdoor pilot for the spinoff, and all the flashbacks just didn't feel justified, especially not in a prom episode! Who cares about Lily's past when the present presents so much more opportunities for backstabbing? They'd better not screw up the season finale next week. Need to seriously get down to revising for EN121, although since I've read hardly any of the texts for the module, it's more like 'vising' than revising, as Jane Holland put it last week. Have not managed to prepare for French oral on Thursday, hence last-minute decision to tell Chloe and Rahul to go ahead to the agency without me tomorrow afternoon. Knowing myself, just making that quick trip into Coventry will basically ruin any chances of my doing proper work for the rest of the day, however early I get back to my room. Must look up vocabulary tomorrow! The problem is that I would like to see The Age Of Stupid at the Arts Centre, but I really shouldn't. So if none of the people I texted about it are keen, I'll just abandon the idea.

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