Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Episode 239: Ice Skating!

Just got back from a student cluster meeting in church and am really hungry, so have stuck something in the microwave. It was a good way to end a day that began rather abysmally. I woke up to discover that one of my cartons of Innocent smoothies had been stolen, quite possibly by someone returning drunk from Top Banana, last night being opening night for The Copper Rooms on campus. My favourite flavour, no less. Then according to ClickandBuy, the reason why my account has been charged twice is that one payment is actually just a reservation that will be refunded in three to five business days. It's annoying, but this sort of happened the last time I dealt with Bandstocks, so I guess it will work itself out like it did the last time. It's just that losing £33.12 to a company's paranoia when you're short on cash to begin with is kind of frustrating! Have had to use my POSB ATM card to get money out of my POSB account, so at least my cash woes are resolved. The day sort of began to look up once we went ice skating. I probably fell down the most, but there were moments, out there on the ice, when I kind of got the hang of it, and it felt good. Krisztina was trying to tell me what to do, but I guess I just lack sufficient psychomotor skills. Came back and got a smidgen of work done after catching the Gossip Girl season finale, which by the way, was totally awesome. (Can't wait for Season 3!) Anyway, like Claire and Elizabeth were saying as we were walking back from church, cell meetings always put me in a good mood. So I guess my day didn't turn out so badly after all...

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