Friday, May 15, 2009

Episode 235: Should I?

Am browsing through books on Amazon, when I really should be getting on with revision. Somehow though, Middle English vocabulary just doesn't make my day. Or night, for that matter. I am trying, honestly. That is when I am not googling lines from my own writing and amusing myself with the responses. Try it. Google 'The true test of love is its passage'. That's the opening half of a sentence I wrote for a 100-word epic competition way back in 2005, which was eventually published on postcards and distributed around Singapore. It's a bit surreal to realise that people actually did see the postcards and that my words did affect them in some way, however little. Am now entertaining thoughts of submitting some poetry to the SPH-NAC Golden Point Award competition. Deadline's 29 May, but I've got more than enough poems anyway, since poetry entries are stipulated to consist a minimum of five and a maximum of eight poems. So the question that confronts me is whether it's ethical to submit work that I've handed in before to David Morley. Technically, it's not breaking any rules, but I will probably take the poetry blog offline just to be safe, since all my work appears on there as a sort of backup copy, in case of some catastrophic system failure that takes out my laptop and external hard drive. Perhaps I won't delete it, but just somehow block it from being indexed by Google in the first place?

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