Friday, May 01, 2009

Episode 221: Picnic!

Am about to grab a tub of Ben & Jerry's from the freezer and finish it, before moving on to start on some writing. That's the plan anyway. Was originally going to head over to The Dirty Duck and then Kasbah, but some stuff cropped up and that's not happening tonight, which means I really should put the time to good use instead. I've got two ideas for fiction pieces at the moment. One's going to about a locksmith who gets approached by someone who wants him to make a bump key, and the other's going to be about the secret lives of clouds. I know that doesn't really make much sense, but I don't care! Will endeavour to get at least one of those ideas fleshed out, even if it's just 100-200 words and the story isn't actually finished. The afternoon was gloriously unproductive because the Singaporeans had a picnic in the middle of the field outside Mathematics & Statistics. Food, games and sunshine. What more could a student ask for in terms of procrastination? Meant to write something during the picnic, but I couldn't come up with anything beyond a very lame first line. That was for the locksmith story. What I need is something punchy, a hook to grab the reader right from the get-go. My litmus test: I must want to read the story if it had been written by anyone else other than myself.

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