Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode 220: Lacking Inspiration

Skipped French to attend the Isobel Dixon reading, which was a good decision on my part, since I really enjoyed the poems that she read. Feel like writing some of my own now, although the best I've got are fragmentary ideas floating about in my head. Perhaps I should write something about Singapore. Lots of potential angst in that direction, I would imagine. I want to do something thematic, as that'll help to generate work, I think. Went for the sonnet-writing workshop, which didn't actually happen because no one other than the Ugly Cousins turned up! So we sat around and were deliciously random. Came back to my room and bummed around on Facebook for a bit before heading to Varsity. For a change from the usual, we actually walked Sophie back to her room tonight. It was kind of fun to be weaving about on the pavement, and although I had twice as many drinks as I normally do, I'm still feeling fine. I just microwaved sausages and mashed potatoes because I randomly felt hungry, so now I'm eating that while catching up on Charmed. I've made it past the point when Prue dies, which I'd forgotten was so undramatic, and actually is a rather bad way to bridge the transition between Season 3 and 4. Still, watching people die on television is a little upsetting nonetheless...

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