Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode 219: Options Market

Have realised that if I get all the modules that I want (which I expect to), I will only have to be on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the next academic year. Isn't that amazing? I'm assuming that all the lectures and seminars will more or less stick to their present timings, so if everything works out, next year is going to be awesome. It's a shame about the Wednesday though, but I suppose I could figure out something to do with that odd day in the middle. This doesn't include the Arabic course that Chernise and I have been planning on signing up for, which was on Mondays this year. Might have to change my mind about that, since it seems a little silly to come all the way down just for that on a Monday evening! We'll see. Learning Arabic would be cool, but I'd much rather find an Open Studies course that fit into the Tuesday/Thursday timetable. Now I'm all psyched up about Year 2, but I still need to get through the rest of Year 1, including that awful EN121 examination. Must read some poetry tonight, and get started on my portfolio, if not actually finish a few short poems. The clock is ticking! Also foresee that essay on Heart Of Darkness is going to sacrifice depth for breadth the way I'm going about it, so hopefully a bit more reading over the next few days will sort my thoughts out.

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Anonymous said...

oh hello ian i've only just seen this! didn't know you had a blog for at warwick .. anw if you don't want to do arabic cause it messes up your sked i'm perfectly fine with that! i was told on sunday, by someone who would know, that my next year would be crazy, so cutting back is probably the wise decision .. let me know. facebook or something.