Monday, April 20, 2009

Episode 210: Je Bois, Je Crois, Je Souris, J'écris

Did something completely uncharacteristic and went to The Dirty Duck straight after lecture with some of my friends. It's a really nice place actually, although right now it's only accessible through a flight of steps winding between half-finished construction work. Am now writing the first of three rédactions. Will do one each over the next two days, just in time for Thursday's class. I think I seriously need to plan what I actually want to say in my EN122 essay though. I just spent some time reading a chapter from a book entitled Dreams In Late Antiquity, which seems tangentially related, but only if I can construct some sort of larger thesis into which to fit the material. Perhaps I should just read the original works that I'm meant to be referencing first, before moving on to secondary sources. Not a fun thing to realise, but at least there's still a week before this is due. It does look increasingly likely that I'll be skipping my Friday seminar though. Unless before sleeping tonight, I discover some brilliant train of thought while flipping through my books for the EN121 essay, and then mull over it and come up with a few solid paragraphs tomorrow. Time for another all-day Library session after tomorrow's lecture? Just realised that I lose one whole day because of Singapore Day on Saturday, so definitely need to get my act together, starting tomorrow. Right now, Friday's seminar is as good as skipped. First time I've deliberately cut class in university! Sigh...

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