Monday, April 06, 2009

Episode 196: Two Out Of Four's Not So Bad, Right?

Finished Scene 2 of what is now called Hello & Goodbye. I showed it to Bella, she made some suggestions, and so I tweaked it a little. Have mapped out the plot for the remaining two scenes, but I'll probably write them tomorrow. Have sort of started on Scene 3, but I'm more inclined to go to bed or read a book than finish off the script. I'm quite pleased with the two songs I picked out to end Scenes 2 and 4 though! The second song is truly inspired, Natalie Imbruglia's 'Goodbye'. So in terms of my own vague, personal timeline for completing my work, I'm still right on schedule. Or as much as you can be when there isn't actually any dates set in stone anyway. I'm tentatively aiming to finish the play by tomorrow, then bang out two poems and the commentary for the whole portfolio on Wednesday. That'll leave the rest of the week to get started on either The Warwick Review essay or the EN122 essay. If not the actual writing, at least the research! I've probably said it before, but next year, I'm going to be so much more disciplined about deadlines, Year 2 me won't recognise Year 1 me at all.

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