Friday, April 03, 2009

Episode 193: NWA Day 5

Have just finished washing up all the crockery and utensils. Mummy would be so proud. Went for the final session for the rough guide to handling the Bible, but gave the medical ethics one a miss because I was going to head down to the beach with the other Warwick people and the issue being covered (cloning and stem cell research) was something I'd pretty much figured out to my own satisfaction. In the end, I bumped into Jasmine and followed her to meet some other Singaporeans who were on the International Student track. Reuben was there, but he didn't recognise me from the MOE Bible study group until at the very end, after I took off my glasses. He blamed my transition lenses. If you say so! Randomly, I've probably been eating better the whole of this week than in the entire past term. I mean, I've been having breakfast! I quite like the idea of breakfast actually. Cereal, milk and sugar have proved to be rather palatable. One more food idea to implement after I get back from Singapore, where I tend to not have breakfast at all, now that there's neither school nor NS to function as a disincentive for waking up in the morning.

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