Friday, April 24, 2009

Episode 214: I Dreamed A Dream

Thank God for Fridays when my only lesson ends at 11 am and I can spend the rest of the day trying to do work. The more hours there are, the greater the chance that some of them will actually be spent being productive. Spent the day reading Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams and On Dreams. The former is quite useless for purposes of my essay, while the latter will need to be tweaked to become relevant. Brilliant insight has occurred already though, which should speed up process of getting essay started tomorrow night. Have read nearly 50% of The Magic Toyshop, which is probably going to have to do, since I need to wake up at 6 am and given my current speed of reading, it's quite futile to continue. I'll just be sleep-deprived tomorrow and not be able to stay awake to write the essay after getting back from Singapore Day in London. I'm hoping that the other readings I photocopied, which I haven't read through at all, will prove to be more useful for the essay. Otherwise, I'm royally screwed and will have to resort to making up pretty much an entire essay from scratch within 48 hours. Even I don't have that much faith in my own powers of reasoning...

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